Insulating Oil Purification

Insulating Oil Purification

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‘Evaluate the symptoms by which the oil purification becomes necessary and also define the types of oil purifier which are commonly used?’ are the most frequently asked questions for power and oil filled transformer users

Now days, the power transformers are operating after filling by mineral oil. The reduction of gas content is widely used for removing of contaminant. The transformer should be loaded after initiating of oxidation of transformer of oil. The resultant of this process tends to increase of degradation of oil and operating temperature

Every Transformer Maintenance with Insulating Oil Purifier require treatment with time to time when it starts absorbing of water and collecting solid particles and solved gases. Various porous screens filter the oil through themselves in case of contamination by solid particles. The quality of purification is finalized by pores of screen through which oil is passed out. Degassing and removal of solids and moisture is widely used technique in treatment of oil purification in high voltage transformers. When oil is contaminated beyond measurement by aging products then transformer oil regeneration is very useful. At this stage, such harmful aging products are mixed in oil and settle on the surfaces of the tank and transformer core.

Insulating Oil Purifier application saves your money and increase the life cycle of your transformer. You know very well about why insulating oil purifier is useful for your company and why reconditioning of oil is more preferred than oil replacement.

A mineral based organic compound is an initial stage of any Insulating oil. In other words, it is also known as transformer oil. This oil is more preferred due to its chemical properties and di-electric strength. Insulating oil plays a very important role in protection of insulating paper. This insulating paper is very important part of transformer. It contains cellulose and leads to degrading from transformer installation. The process of oxidation and contamination affects the properties. These process can not be stopped but it can be slowed down. During slow down process an insulating oil purifier can be useful. The short-circuit or surge load can not be retained by damaged paper. The following contaminants are found in transformer oil :-

Water, Gases and Solid particles

The all above particles can be eliminated by Globecore oil purifiers. Replacing of transformer oil is more difficult than purification because transformer have to be switched off but in case of Globecore’s oil insulation purification, process can be continue in running state of transformer. One more advantage of using Globecore’s method is that only 10 people of operational staff can change the oil. Along these benefits negligible or zero transportation cost will be occur throughout the process





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